The 5 Best Cocktails To Make With Fresh Fruit

Spring is finally upon us. It’s been a long winter, and we’re looking forward to spring break, longer days and…cocktails. Fresh fruit is a complete game changer when it comes to throwing together a refreshing pitcher for beach day.


Not only will fresh fruit make your poured cocktails look amazing, but it adds a pop of incredible flavor as well. These cocktail creations top the list when it comes to combining alcohol and fresh fruit. We have to recommend that you try more than one!


Best Cocktails Made With Fresh Fruit


Number 5: Old Glory


Blueberries are beyond refreshing on their own, but add them to a cocktail and you’ve got perfection. How to make it: combine blueberries, vodka, simple syrup, lemon juice and pinot noir. Strain over ice. This cocktail will help you beat the heat and amp up any poolside party.


Number 4: Vibrant Sunrise


Made and garnished with blood orange, this tropical drink looks exactly like its name suggests. How to make it: muddled blood orange, lemon juice, gun, lime juice, agave and seasalt for the rim. Garnish with a slice of blood orange and watch your party guests ooh and ahh over it. It is, after all, the actual color of the sunrise.


Number 3: Best In Show


Originally made with Lucky Dog Vodka, that’s where this delicious little cocktail gets its name. How to make it: Muddle 1 strawberry and 1 orange slice. Add vodka and champagne…just a splash. Strain over ice and garnish with mint. There you have it; a bubbly beach day refresher!


Number 2: Berry Sip


We could admittedly drink Berry Sips all day long. They are light, tasty and so easy to whip up. How to make it: You’ll need vodka, vanilla syrup, 4 or 5 fresh raspberries and just a teensy splash of tonic. Strain and pour! That hint of vanilla is so warm and inviting.


Number 1: Watermelon Sparkler


Every cocktail on this list is delicious, but there is nothing that tastes like watermelon sparkler. It’s a party drink that screams summer, from the sweet watermelon to the smooth gin. Make sure everyone has a designated driver, because like most things made with gin, these are pretty easy to toss back.


How to make it: gin, sparkling sake or champagne, agave, lemon juice and watermelon. Strain well and pour. Garnish with a big chunk of watermelon stuck right on the side of the glass.


Don’t think you want to make these tasty concoctions yourself, then come in to The Gibson and we will make them for you.