5 Tasty Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm

Winter is a time of holiday parties, delicious food, and of course, cold weather. If you’re looking for a wintery cocktail to liven up your night, or just to take the edge off after a long day, we have five great cocktails you should try. These seasonal favorites of ours taste great, and they’re sure to chase the cold away.
Fall Fashioned

This cocktail only has three ingredients, but it packs a punch. It’s the perfect remedy to a long, cold day, the mix of Barking Irons applejack, Flag Hill maple liqueur and bitters are the ideal combination of strong and sweet. The familiar, crisp taste of apples makes this one of our go-to cocktails, from fall to spring.
Mez It Up

Who said the tropics and winter don’t go together? This combination of Del Amigo Mezcal, grapefruit, lime and cinnamon syrup begs to differ. Rich, smoky coconut, almond, and citrus flavors pair nicely with the robust flavor of cinnamon. Sweet, creamy and tangy come together, to make this one our cold weather favorites.


Stalin’s Help


Stoli Vanil is the star of this cocktail, but every standout needs a backup, and Stoli Vanil is no exception. St George Nola Coffee liqueur, Rumchata, and Chocolate liqueur help make this cocktail a hit. The sweet, spicy flavors of white pepper, espresso, cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate make this cocktail the perfect centerpiece for winter festivities.




A classic cocktail is a perfect antidote for winter. It is simple, straightforward and here to stay. Rye, Campari, and sweet Vermouth trio together to bring us the familiar taste of sweet and spicy toe warming deliciousness that is a Boulevardier.  You can’t argue with the classics.


Rusty Nail


This mixed drink doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, but it’s an excellent choice to combat the winter blues. It could be called the cocktail that time forgot, but we’re going to give it the stage for a moment. The simple combination of Scotch, Drambuie and bitters will warm you up, while giving your palate something to ponder.


These are our five favorite winter cocktails. Some of them may be new to you; others may already be on your list. Nevertheless, they all deserve their five minutes of fame. If you’re looking for a warm mixed drink on a cold day, give one of these a try. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.