How to Create the Perfect Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

Creating a signature drink for your wedding is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your big day.


If you’re thinking of having a themed cocktail at your wedding, but aren’t sure what type of cocktail to make, here are suggestions for crafting the ideal signature wedding drink.


Consider colors


You can have fun matching your signature drink color to the colors in your wedding.


For example, if your wedding is red and black, your signature drink could be a red wine, a cranberry and vodka cocktail, or a red ale.


Get creative with color. For a brown or black wedding, create a festive drink using a good whiskey, beer, or coffee liqueur.


Tie in your story


How did you and your soon-to-be spouse meet? Was it in an exotic location like Mexico or Europe? Did you meet at a college party drinking keg beer? Was it a blind date over a glass of wine?


Crafting a signature drink around your love story is a fun way to celebrate your big day. You can share the story with your guests by placing a framed picture, poem or description of how you met at the bar.


Keep it in season


While this is your big day, you may want to keep the season in mind when deciding on your signature drink.


If your wedding is in the middle of July, a hot Irish coffee drink may not be the best idea for your guests. Make it an iced coffee drink instead! The options for a creative cocktail are endless, so don’t limit yourself.


Make sure the signature drink is appropriate and enjoyable for your guests!


Create a drink that you both love


Your signature drink should be one that you and your spouse enjoy. What do you drink together when you’re at home or celebrating a special occasion at the local bar?


It is still your day! Making sure your guests will enjoy the drink is important, but you should also have a drink that you both will be able to enjoy on your big day.


The most important thing is not to stress over your signature drink. Try not to over-complicate it or worry about it being perfect for everyone. Keep it simple and have fun with it!


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