Top 5 Best Drinks in New York City

It’s difficult to grind down the top 5 best drinks in New York city as there’s hundreds of popular drinks we must account for. After debating back and forth, we really think we have the A-List of the best drinks in NYC. Several NYC bars are upper tier and this list of “best in class” drinks needs no introduction.

The greatest bars in the world are open nightly in New York City. There is not a cocktail you can dream up or order that cannot be mixed and served to perfection within the 5 boroughs. Which are the best drinks in the Big Apple? These five beverages have been dubbed the finest drinks in all the 5 boroughs. Here they are, in order with the best saved for last:

 5. Tia Mia (Leyenda)

This signature drink at the Leyenda in NYC is a tropical minded cocktail crafted by master bartender Ivy Mix.  A pan-Latin legend in a glass, it starts with the basics of a mai tai, and blends mezcal, rum, lime, orgeat, and curacao. Tia Mia is a drink of the floral and the tropical blended to a superb riot of flavors.

 4. Carondelet (Maison Premiere)

Though served in a bar whose two obsessions are oysters and absinthe (of which they serve 34 varieties), the Carondelet is as lovely and complex as its name. The best of a short list of cocktails served at Maison Premiere, the Carondelet blends gin, orange-flower water, citrus and Maldon salt, the last of which enhances the notes of honey and vanilla.

 3. Michelote (Empellon al Pastor)

There are five varieties of michelada poured at this restaurant famous for its spit roasted pork, but none so wildly inventive as the elote-inspired cocktail that is nothing short of stunning: corn-powder instead of salt, Negra Modelo, ponzu, and Malta Goya (for a touch of umami) combine in a one of a kind knockout punch to the mouth that is like nothing else you have ever tasted.

 2. Red Snapper (King Cole Bar)

First introduced by bartender Fernand Petiot at the St. Regis’ King Cole Bar in 1934, this vodka-and-tomato juice beverage was originally dubbed a Bloody Mary. However, the well heeled clientele considered the name far too vulgar, and so it was renamed the Red Snapper. Retaining the mellow sweetness of a Bloody Mary, this beverage carries a kick with cayenne pepper (rather than tabasco sauce), and is finished of with a full-wrung wedge of lemon to balance out the sweetness of the tomato juice. All in all, a refined and unique beverage that has stood the test of time.

 1. Penicillin (Attaboy)

The speakeasy-spirit establishment Attaboy retains many of the the elements and decor of its ancestor Milk and Honey. Likewise, this simple yet refined cocktail is a combination of three elements: Laphroaig 10-year single malt scotch, honey-ginger syrup, and lemon. This holy trinity of ingredients composes a cocktail that even the most refined palate cannot help but name delectable.

So there you have it. Next time you visit New York, journey to these fine establishments and sample the five finest drinks the city has to offer. Cheers!