Top 5 Craft Beers to take to the beach

“The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand with no bottom, and no shoes, no shirt, and no problems.”  So goes the Kenny Chesney song, and it’s hard to think of a better way to unwind: at the beach with a cold beer in hand.  With that in mind, let us introduce you to our top five craft beers to take to the beach – and even if your toes aren’t going to be in the sand today, you can at least enjoy a cold one.

Jack’s Abby House Lager

Thanks to their light effervescence, lagers are great for a summer day, and Jack’s Abby House Lager is no exception.  Inspired by the landbiers of the Franconia region of Germany, this sweet and golden lager can be enjoyed equally well on the beach in summer or at the bar in the fall.


Shipyard Summer Ale

Wheat beer and sunshine just go together – and adding a slice of orange makes it great for breakfast too!  The name says it all – Shipyard Summer Ale is an excellent beer to enjoy at the beach – clean and crisp, it makes for easy drinking. Plus, you will find the lemony notes are refreshing.


Captain Lawrence 6th Borough Pilsner

Pilsners are a type of pale lager, and this Czech-style pilsner with its golden color, light flavor and citrus aromas is perfect for a day at the beach.


Einstok Olgero Icelandic White Ale

White ales, also known as witbiers, are a variation on traditional wheat beers. They are lightly carbonated and have bright citrus flavors.  This white ale, brewed using pure Icelandic water, has notes of coriander and orange peel. It is a unique and refreshing choice for whiling away the afternoon hours beachside.


Magners Irish Cider

Although this beverage isn’t a craft beer at all, this drink is so good on a summer afternoon that we felt it had to make the list.  Made from 17 varieties of apple, pressed and filtered, this carbonated cider is often drunk over ice. What better way to enjoy the view as the waves lap over your toes?


The next time you head out to the beach on a sunny afternoon, make the trip a bit better by taking along one (or a few) of these fantastic craft beers with you. You will soon notice that the right beer is the perfect accompaniment to a lazy summer day.

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