Why New Yorkers (And Everyone Else) Loves Our Sports Bar

There are many places in Brooklyn to enjoy a football game, but The Gibson is one of the best places to go.  Their combination of beer and whiskey provides enough choices for everyone to come in and enjoy a drink.  Their selections and wait staff add to the wonderful atmosphere that only The Gibson can provide.  You’ll be able to try out new craft beers on tap, and find your favorite cocktail.  You’ll enjoy the menu and make new friends when you come into The Gibson.  These are just a few reasons why New Yorkers (and everyone else) loves The Gibson.


The Gibson offers over 100 different whiskeys, making it the premier place to find your favorite drink.  They offer bourbon, rye, Irish (a personal favorite), Tennessee, and other brands from all over the world.  If you don’t have a favorite whiskey, you’ll be able to find the right one for you at The Gibson.  They also offer a variety of Single-Malt and Blended Scotches, allowing you to show off your class with a glass of Scotch in hand.


All of the beer on tap is changed out with every season, ensuring you won’t run into the same beers every month.  Their 14 different beers on tap allow any beer lover to change up their drink, and if you’re unsure about one, the bartenders are more than happy to explain to you the tastes.  You can request a taste to help you make your decision with a beer, helping you find the right texture and taste for your liking.  Their rotating taps allow you to enjoy new beers every time you come to The Gibson.  There’s nothing better than expanding your horizons to find the best new beers on the market.


The knowledgeable wait staff and management are there to create an engaging and invigorating environment.  If you come to The Gibson often enough, the wait staff will take their time to get to know you to ensure you’re taken care of and are happy.  The interaction between any regular and the wait staff makes for a comfortable haven for everyone to enjoy.  The management engages with their customers and wait staff to ensure everything is outstanding.  Whether you want to catch an out-of-market game, or enjoy the Jets or Giants with a drink, The Gibson is the place that makes every customer feel welcome.

When you come to The Gibson, you’re not just getting great service and an excellent selection, you’re getting a unique experience you’ll love and enjoy.