Why Your Summer New York Destination Should Be The Gibson

Are you heading to New York this summer?  If so or you’re a New Yorker that hasn’t experienced The Gibson, be sure to come check us out. New York can be a pretty hectic place, and when you add the summer heat, it can get pretty crazy.  If you need a place to cool off and relax, head to The Gibson in Brooklyn.  A fun and friendly atmosphere and a cocktail selection that’s second to none, The Gibson is an awesome spot to wind down from your vacation or business day. We’re your summer New York destination and we’ll help you leave with a smile on your face.

What makes The Gibson so great, you ask?

The Whiskey

Whiskey is what The Gibson is all about.  If you enjoy whiskey, you’ll love the massive selection available.  They have over 100 different whiskeys available at all times, so you’re sure to find an old favorite, or a new one.  Whether it’s single malt Scotch, blended Scotch, Tennessee whiskey, Irish whiskey, Rye, or Bourbon, The Gibson has you covered.  Every whiskey lover should treat themselves to a glass of the Pappy Van Winkle 23-year Bourbon as a treat you’ll never forget!

The Craft Beers

So what if you’re not into whiskey, and you’d rather have a good beer?  No problem, The Gibson is ready for you.  Craft beer lovers will appreciate the ever-changing 14 craft beers on tap.  These beers change as the brewers create new and seasonal varieties, so there’s always something new to try.  Beer lovers will also appreciate the extensive selection of bottled and canned beers The Gibson has, many of which can be difficult to find.  For the Hard Cider drinkers, there is always one cider on tap and several bottled varieties to choose from.  On this lengthy beer menu, I recommend the Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter!

The Cocktails

Our New York cocktails are something special and you’re in for a treat when they come to The Gibson.  The unique blend of traditional and original cocktail recipes lets you get your usual or try something new.  Of course, your choices aren’t limited to the menu with these talented bartenders.  They’ll be happy to make you anything you wish.  The Gibson also has a nice selection of Reds, Whites, and Roses available for the wine lovers.  The house signature cocktail is especially tasty.

Sometimes vacations and business trips end up being more stressful than a day at work.  If you’re going to be in New York this summer, make your way out to Brooklyn.  There you’ll find The Gibson, one of the best whiskey and craft beer establishments in the world.  The Gibson offers a great selection of whiskeys, craft beers, hard ciders, cocktails, and wine.  In this fun and relaxing bar, you’ll probably end up making some new friends and discovering a new favorite drink!  This summer, stop by and say hi at The Gibson.