3 Easy Fall Cocktails for a Crowd

Everyone’s favorite season is all about comfort, coziness, the abundant harvests and the joy of change. We don’t know about you, but nature’s spectacle of sunset colors and rusty leaves gets us every time.

As the air is getting crisp and we’re transitioning from ice lemonades and fresh salads to hot cups of steaming coffee and baked goods, we’re also beginning to brainstorm ideas about the best ways to past the time indoors. At the top of the list, among board games and Netflix is hosting dinner parties and enjoying comfort food and tasty beverages with our close ones.

Here are three amazing fall cocktails that will make people remember your gatherings for years to come.


  1. Mulled Wine

Gently simmered over the stove and topped with a warming, inebriating mix of spices, this rich, red wine cocktail is perfect for those long, chilly autumn nights.

This cold weather cocktail is ideal for parties and get-togethers, as it perfectly blends the most iconic flavors of the season. Failing with this recipe of mulled wine is hard.

The spice mix contains cinnamon (obviously,) a bit of heat from the cloves, the lovely, soft aroma of star anise and a bit of sweetness from the brown sugar. Balance this rich blend with fresh orange to bring the cocktail together.


  1. Black Tea White Russian

An original interpretation of the classic, three-ingredient cocktail, a black tea based White Russian will definitely impress your guests. The addition of the black tea syrup takes the White Russian to another level, giving it a more complex flavor and making it more sophisticated. Mix in Kahlua, vodka, and cream, as usual.

You can serve this delicious drink after dinner, or even at a relaxed brunch date, giving your guests a little boost of energy wrapped in fall flavors.


  1. Fig, Honey and Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Now, if we really want to impress our guests, then we serve them one of the best fall cocktails we ever tasted. The ingredients remind us of the simplicity and rustic elegance of the Mediterranean diet.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this autumn cocktail will energize you and enhance the taste of the food you serve it with. We use fresh figs, raw honey, and thyme to make a syrup which is perfectly complemented by a splash of fruity, light sparkling wine and freshly squeezed orange juice.

There you have it: three simple and divine fall cocktails. What’s your favorite?