The Evolution of Craft Beer

Today the United States is in the middle of a beer boom. Surprisingly to many this charge is not being led by the big beer companies. It is in fact the small craft breweries that are leading the way. The results for beer fans is a literal golden age of flavors to be experienced.

Just a handful of years ago Americans only had a handful of choices when it came to beer selection. What was offered by the massive beer producers was light weak and not flavorful products. Many would say that no small part of the craft beer revolution can be directly linked back to the fact consumers were tired of choking down swill. Still there were a few key things that needed to occur before the craft brewing revolution would be able to become the growing juggernaut that it has become in the last few years.

How it Started


The first key step along the way to the rise of the craft brewer came in the 1970s. In 1972 the government released Cascade Hops. With its floral, somewhat bitter with a hint of citrus flavor this Hops would go on to set the foundation of the flavor revolution. Today Cascade lives on as a classic and a reminder of what started it all. That same year Anchor Brewing would go on to produce the first American porter beer since the Prohibition era.


The biggest hurdle to be overcome came in 1978. Prohibition was long gone in the United States but until Jimmy Carter legalized homebrewing it had still until this time been banned. This opened the door for the micro brewers to test and perfect their flavors. The result today sees new breweries spring up weekly.


Now America is at the forefront of the craft beer revolution that has even gone international. It’s hard to imagine that not long ago much of the world looked at American watered-down beer with distaste. But after years of drinking subpar beers American crafters have been able to mix new ideas with traditional recipes creating new innovative and delicious beers.

Big factory beer companies mass producing light beers still are the largest sellers in America. But craft beer is quickly closing the gap, in the relatively short 30-year history of the craft brew revival it has grown to more than 20% of yearly by volume sales in America and there are more than 5,000 breweries in this country today.

Craft Beer at The Gibson

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